We are proud to say that all the staff at our facilities meet all state requirements to work with clients in an assisted living facility. They are all CPR and AED trained. Each employee must pass six different background checks. Each employee is required to meet these background checks on a scheduled basis.  

Our nurses are Registered Nurses in the State of Ohio. Our nurses are required to meet annual continuing education standards. The nurses on staff have 93 combined years’ service?

The owner/director of our assisted living facilities is a Registered Nurse. She conducts training and certification classes to keep all employees current with all education requirements.


We have two beautiful facilities and Shepherd’s Gate is Licensed by the State of Ohio. We meet and work to exceed, all State of Ohio requirements for licensure. Our facilities are inspected annually by the State of Ohio to show that we have completed all client paperwork, ensured that policies are in place for client care and safety, and each facilities’ cleanliness meets the State of Ohio and our high-standard of requirements.